Load Testing vs Stress Testing

Load Testing: What It Is and How It’s Defined in Today’s World

Many may not be familiar with the name or with the concept as a whole. For anyone more advanced in the knowledge of advanced computers, technology and website serves as a whole, this is most likely not an entirely new concept. Yet it all begins with searching, and every answer begins with a question. Even the more experienced IT professionals must begin in the very same place by asking the simple question. What is it? What is Load Testing, to begin with?

“Load testing is the process of subjecting a computer, peripheral, server, network or application to a work level approaching the limits of its specifications. Load testing can be done under controlled lab conditions to compare the capabilities of different systems….”


Load testing assists imperfect human beings in both analyzing and assessing just exactly how the current systems are operating in functioning in the day-to-day world, according to load_testing. There are many systems operating out there, and load testing helps remove the heavy load of checking each and every single one of them manually. It is a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which, though programmed to follow protocol and without a human mind of its own, can truly work wonders in the world of Internet Technology or IT.

For many, it is one of God’s greatest life savers in this stressful field of work, and it has been deemed a true advancement in science and technology. It is nothing less than a gift from above in today’s rapidly-paced society and for its globally-connected world. It’s truly a hidden blessing.

Load Testing also falls under its larger parent category of Performance Testing, of which many uses are served and tended to through the computer’s added technology systems and servers. Such include that of rapidly downloading many larger files from the World Wide Web. It also includes assigning print jobs to printers in the queue and writing hard disk data. Among its numerous other disguised functions, it also includes reading such data.

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