What is This Load Testing Stuff?

What is Load Testing? Many out there are not quite familiar with the term or with what it entails. This is a term and a concept generally understood in the world of advanced computer servers and IT systems as a whole. One less knowledgeable to this unique field of expertise may see that:

“Load Testing differs from Stress Testing, which evaluates the extent to which a system keeps working when subjected to extreme work loads or when some of its hardware or software has been compromised. The primary goal of load testing is to define the maximum amount.

In other words, Load Testing will truly push a system to its limits. It is built and designed for this purpose, and it is not alone. Performance Testing, Load Testing, and Stress Testing all play pivotal roles in the process as well, which are no less important.

Yet Load Testing is very unique and special in the entire process. No other testing can do quite what Load Testing does, nor can it ever attempt to do it in the same way or within the same confines as a whole. For this reason, Load Testing is especially unique and invaluable in its contributions, which are more than gratefully accepted by IT analysts and server technicians (you can learn more about that on this page).

Load Testing has its own responsibilities that may include downloading numerous larger files and running endless amounts of applications on websites and specified servers. In addition, Load Testing has been known to assign print jobs from print queues to printers. Large email traffic and hard disk data are among its specialty functions as well, and it is nearly accurate every single time.

For example, Load Testing can both read and write data taken from any hard disk. It may do so continuously with little to no flaws, according to this useful reference. It also subjects servers to large amounts of emails. Such a flowing and often blocked pile up of multiple emails certainly needs somewhere to go, does it not? Load Testing will take care of this and make it sure to happen, ultimately lifting the human’s load.

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